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Terms of Use

Full Terms of Use coming soon. For now, here's the highlights.

  • All content posted herein is the property of the individual user posting said content unless otherwise noted.
  • By posting a comic to you, the user, agree to licensing the comic under the Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike Creative Commons license. For more information on this license see the Creative Commons site.
  • By posting content you certify that you have the right to distribute said content in this forum. Further you certify that the image posted constitutes your original work or anothers work for which you have explicit consent to post in this venue. (In short, don't post other people's comics)
  • Absolutely no nudity is permitted in posted comics.
  • All vulgarity should be censored (ie, black out the words or use alternate characters in place of the words).
  • Hate speach will not be tolorated.
  • Basically, keep it somewhat clean, remember there are young'uns visiting the site.

Failure to comply with the Terms of Use may result in consequences up to and including removal of your content and / or termination of your account.

If you feel a user is violating the Terms of Use please report the violation to the site owner (for now, e-mail paul.michelotti at gmail dot com)