Comic-Post alpha 3.5
User Guides, How To's, and FAQs

Below you will find list of user guides, how to documentation, and FAQs about Comic-Post. If your question is not answered herein please add it as a forum topic and it will be addressed by the community. If enough people are asking the same thing or are interested in the same guide I'll eventually post it here.

User Guides

No user guides available at this time.

How To's
How To Logon / Create a User Account

Comic-Post uses Open ID for authentication purposes. If you've never used (or heard of) Open ID and don't want to visit the link above, here's the 5 second explanation:

Open ID is a vehical by which you can use credentials (user ID and password) from an existing site to log onto other sites using Open ID. For example, if you have a GMail account, you can use your GMail credentials to logon to Comic-Post.

In order to logon, click the "logon" link which you will find at the top right of all pages on the site. This will bring up a popup window allowing you to select your Open ID provider. Once you pick your provider you will be brought to a secure page on your providers server. Securely log into your Open ID provider, and you'll be sent back to Comic-Post.

If it's your first time logging in, Comic-Post will ask you for some additional member information to setup your User Account.

How Do I Make a Comic?

As the creation of a comic strip is not as straight forward as, say, the taking and posting of a picture, a series of "How-To" posts are being added to the forum concerning various techniques to create a comic suitable for posting on the Comic-Post.

  • Part 1 - Pen & Paper
  • Coming Soon - Part 2 - MS-Paint and the like
  • Coming Soon - Part 3 - Better Pen & Paper
  • Coming Soon - Part 4 - Turning Your Booring 'ol Pictures Into Comics
Are You Storing my GMail Password?

Short answer ... No

Somewhat longer answer ... If you are not familiar with using Open ID as an authentication method you may be hesitant to enter your GMail, or Yahoo, or Blogger, etc, credentials when logging onto Comic-Post. This method of authentication however does not rely on you entering these credentials into the Comic-Post site. You are entering your logon credentials into your Open ID providers site (that is to say, if you are using GMail/Google as your Open ID provider, you are entering your name and password into Google's site using Google's secure logon methods which are admittedly better than anything I would be able to come up with). Once you've logged into your Open ID provider, said provider sends Comic-Post indication that the logon was successful and that you are in fact who you say you are. At no point are your logon credentials even sent to the Comic-Post server.